Mission Statement

Approved April 2, 2020

The Friends of the Wardsboro Library, Inc., is a volunteer, non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the Wardsboro Public Library in Wardsboro, Vermont by preserving and maintaining the Gloria Danforth Memorial Building, which houses the Library, the Friends office and storage space on the second floor, as well as the surrounding grounds. Through an active fundraising program, the Friends are committed to providing outstanding physical facilities that will support the educational, cultural, and recreational programs sponsored by the Library staff and Trustees and, that will contribute to the cultural and intellectual life of the Town of Wardsboro and surrounding communities.

The Friends of the Wardsboro Library, Inc. is an all-volunteer support organization for the public library in Wardsboro, Vermont. 


Monthly Meetings Open to Everyone

First Thursday of the month at the Library, 1 PM. All welcome.  No December meeting.​

Meeting schedule

The Friends group is a nonprofit corporation that owns the town's library building. It's called the Gloria Danforth Memorial Building. The organization was established in 1999 and has been one of the most successful fundraising organizations in the area. Therefore, our efforts and the generosity of many donors and sponsors are what keeps the library doors open for every resident of Wardsboro and the neighboring towns. 

Come to a Friends meeting at the Library, the first Thursday of  the month at 1 PM (Except December, and sometimes July) - all are welcome. Volunteer at one of the Friends events. 

What Friends Are For

The Friends of the Wardsboro Library Inc. is an all-volunteer support organization for the public library in Wardsboro, Vermont. It was established in 1999. We own the property, not the town, and we pay for the expenses. Therefore, our efforts and the generosity of many donors and sponsors are what keeps the library doors open for every resident of Wardsboro and the neighboring towns.


The Friends is a non-profit corporation dedicated to acting as advocate of the Wardsboro Public Library. ​

A Brief History of the Friends and the Public Library


The Friends of the Wardsboro Library was established in September 1999 with the primary purpose of providing support for the Wardsboro Public Library.

In August, 2001, the Wardsboro Public Library moved into its new home at 170 Main Street. The Library now occupies the first floor of the Gloria Danforth Memorial Building and, since August 2013, has expanded into the attached barn. The Friends provide the funds needed for utilities, maintenance, repairs, and improvements.

The Friends utilize a portion of the second floor of the building as their offices and meeting rooms. In addition to providing a library facility for the community, the Friends' mission includes sponsoring and supporting programs that serve the people of Wardsboro. Maintaining the integrity of the historic 1840s farmhouse and attached barn has been an important aspect of the effort to rehabilitate and modernize the interior of the building, and the Friends have consulted frequently with the Preservation Trust of Vermont.


In addition to turning the first floor of the house into a library, they have transformed the upstairs, consisting of five rooms, into efficient workspace and meeting rooms. The most recent and biggest project resulted in the grand opening of the attached barn in the summer of 2013. The next major project was finding a new purpose for the open attached machine sheds on the south side of the barn. The space is currently used for storage.

Annual Report

The  Friends publish an Annual Report in the Town of Wardsboro's Annual Report which comes out in February each year. Free copies of the Town Report are available at the Town Clerk's Office. To request the Friends Annual Report, email us or go to our contact page.

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