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Annual Appeal

Each year, and only once a year, the Friends of the Wardsboro Library mail letters to our most loyal and generous donors in an Annual Appeal campaign.


Here's our 2021 Message to all our

Friends and Generous Donors:

September 2021

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are very excited about the positive changes that have happened at the Wardsboro Public Library over the past year.

As you may know, the Friends of the Wardsboro Library are the owners of the Gloria Danforth Memorial Building that houses the library while the Trustees of the Wardsboro Public Library are responsible for the operations of the library including staffing, programming, and managing the collection. By working together, the Friends and the Trustees ensure that you, the patrons, can enjoy an exceptional community facility. During the time the library was closed or partially closed, the Friends provided both the funds and the elbow grease to thoroughly clean the library spaces, update the collection, and freshen the interior with new paint. Friends also provided volunteer support to the Trustees by manning the desk and helping maintain the collection. We’ve also installed a monitored fire detection system, so important in an older building.

We want to thank you for supporting last year’s Annual Appeal during a time when we could not hold our usual fundraisers that help cover the roughly $14,000 it takes annually to cover utilities, insurance, repairs, and other ongoing
expenses. You made it possible for us to overcome our budget shortfall and keep the lights on. This spring the Friends were able to resume our annual Memorial Day weekend plant sale with great success. We missed our usual fundraising events (raffle and art sale) at the 4th of July Street Fair due to its cancellation.
and many vendors offering Vermont products.


Thank you for continuing to support the Friends of the Wardsboro Library and our important role in maintaining the Wardsboro Public Library for everyone in the community to enjoy. Please use the secure website link here to make a donation of any amount to the 2021 Annual Appeal. Every dollar counts.

Please come by the library and check out all the wonderful improvements!
Thank you for your generous support!

Friends of the Wardsboro Library Board Members

Additional comments about the Annual Appeal for Our Informed Donors

Over the years, the donations received in response to our Appeal letter have been the most important part of the fundraising in support of Wardsboro's public library. The Friends receive generous gifts from year-round residents, second homeowners, and even from former neighbors who have since moved away.

Please consider an annual donation. It's quite easy to send a once-a-year gift using the Friends' Paypal account.

Any donation, however modest, is regarded as a generous gift to the Friends. This nonprofit is an all-volunteer group, so not one penny goes into wages or executive salaries. Your entire donation goes to support the library and the cost of maintaining the site.

Did you know that the State of Vermont gives no direct financial support to libraries? Did you know that the building that houses the library is not owned by the town? It's owned by the Friends, and through fundraising, the Friends pay all the property-related costs -- heat, lights, insurance, snow removal, mowing, landscaping, repairs, improvements, and general maintenance. 


The building is named the Gloria Danforth Memorial Building because the Danforth family generously donated the money to purchase the building in 1999.

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