Some of our Best Volunteers and Helpers and What They Have Done at the Library Recently

Site Improvements in 2017


Push-cart makeovers

Jerry Cloutier


Side door canopy

Ken Davis

Mark Fernandes


Porch grate and shutter  installation

Mark Ellison


Brick walkway

Patrick Branley

WW Building Supply

Matt Miller

Kraig Oconnor

You, too, can volunteer for a very good cause! Email a Friend to ask questions about ways you can pitch in to benefit our town's Library. Some of our volunteers come from Stratton, Townshend, and Jamaica, too.

Are you interested in making new Friends while doing Community Service for a very good cause? Plan to attend a monthly meeting to learn what the Friends are doing next. There are no member dues.

Come by on the first Wednesday of every month (except December)  at 7 PM and join everyone in the conference room. Join other Friends to help with one of our annual events.

Check our Calendar of Events page more information.

Can you write press releases, put up posters or distribute flyers, identify plants at our Plant Sale, serve soup at our Turnip Fest? The Friends could use your help for one or more events. Help with grant research and grant writing. Volunteer to help with organizing our office space. Join those who keep our gardens beautiful in the summer.

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